Social Solution

Preventing car theft socially rather than psychically is a bit more difficult. It is easy to buy parts for your car to protect it and having the right insurance, but it is more difficult to stop someone from stealing a car. Police and the news try to make car theft more public so that people are more aware. When they catch the criminal they tend to put their picture on social media which may be an embarrassment for the thief and they might tend not to steal anymore. Any help with the amount of poverty money or helping the lower class people who tend to steal more often by fundraising or donating to them. Bus fare could be negotiated and potentially decreased so the lower class can afford the bus so they don’t need to steal a car to get a ride somewhere. Most social solutions are to do with money because most people are stealing cars because of their lack of money.


Interview Question

Q: What are the current things police are doing to prevent car theft?

A: Police will drive around and watch out for anything suspicious that is happening. They sometimes roam roads where cars are parked on the side of the road by complexes where people cant see their car from their house. Police will set up traps in neighborhoods. For example, the cops will set up cars that look easy to steal and watch them and have cameras inside to catch the thief. They try to make car theft public so that people are aware to protect their vehicles and so they know the areas that car theft is the highest and what kinds of cars are being stolen.

Interview Questions

Question: What devices should people be using to prevent their car from being stolen?

Answer: Some sort of alarm or security system. Cameras can be used to scare the thief away or even identify them. The club which is used to lock the steering wheel so the thief is unable to drive the car. You can also buy spacers or locks for your tires so the vehicle is unable to drive. The criminal wants the easiest car to break into in most situations so they are looking for the cars without alarm systems, cameras or clubs on the steering wheels.

Interview Question

Question: What is the most common cause or reason for car theft?

Answer: To make money is the main reason people steal vehicles. Weather its stolen for a joy ride or to commit another crime, parts from the car that may be worth a lot are usually taken from the vehicle in the act. Things the owner may have left in the car such as pocket change, expensive sunglasses, a GPS or even clothes are also stolen for money.